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Poultry Centre

At Woodside Poultry Centre we sell a wide variety of poultry, from fertile hatching eggs and day old chicks to quail and pretty bantams hens. Our livestock list is continually updating so please call us to check our current stock.
We are full of advice and happy to help.


  • Pure Breed breeding poultry in pairs and trios
  • Pure breed point of lay hens
  • Ornamental and breeding ducks
  • Day old chicks and ducklings
  • Fertile hatching eggs
  • A wide range of feed and bedding
  • Feeding and drinking accessories
  • Heat lamps and bulbs
  • Wormers, tonics and spices
  • Healthcare products
  • Free Advice!

We also stock:

  • Feed and bedding for small pets (rabbits, guinea pigs etc.)
  • Small pets accessories and treats
  • Wild bird feed and accessories
  • Dog food, bones and treats
  • Cat food and treats
  • And much more!

For information, stock levels or general enquiries please call us on 01582 841044.