Meet the animals

Get to know some off the most popular residents at Woodside Animal Farm!


(European Eagle Owl)

Ollie is 11 years old and was hatched here at Woodside Animal Farm on the 13th March 2004. He has been hand reared by our farm staff. He is very friendly, and enjoys lots of company. You can meet Ollie in the Hands on sessions taking place throughout the day.



Perky pig was born with her sister at Woodside on 4th Febraury 2012. She is a cheeky, greedy girl and loves nothing more than a handful of pig nuts. She spends most of the warm weather days wallowing in mud in the paddock next to her house.


(Sulcata Tortoise)

George is 25 years old and was donated to Woodside 12 years ago. The oldest Sulcata tortoise living in captivity is 55 so George has a long way to go yet!



Spartacus is our oldest Llama and is the father of all the baby llamas (known as crias) born at Woodside. He is 15 years old and loves a kiss and cuddle.


(Squirrel Monkey)

Eva was born in 2009 and is the youngest of our 3 squirrel monkeys. She is very mischievous and loves hiding from the farm staff! Meal worms are her favourite food.


(Bearded Dragon)

Bernard is a big favourite at Woodside. He is 4 years old and full of fun. You can meet him most days in the hands on session. He loves a stroke!


(Black and White Ruffed Lemur)

Pandora is a gentle soul. She is such a good mum to her young and looks after the whole troop of lemurs at Woodside. If there are any squabbles Pandora is the lady to sort them all out!

Which are your favourite animals at Woodside?
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